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With lives around the world becoming increasingly interconnected by the day, the number and variety of potential threats consequently rises. 

With the advent of globalization, the world has been a subject of five major threats, namely terrorism, economic crises, pandemics, natural disasters, and nuclear proliferation. 

Current world politics allows us to make a number of educated guesses of what crises may occur in the future. 

Instead of worrying about the inevitable, intelligent investors, political leaders and every citizen should find ways in which they can prepare and defend themselves against these disasters, and even try to benefit from them. 

In this piece, we’d like to take you onto a short reality-based journey, analyzing and exploring the possible catastrophes from the ongoing COVID-19-triggered economic recession and other upcoming unknown Economic crises.

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Where will we be in six months, a year, ten years from now?

I lie awake at night wondering what the future holds for my loved ones.

My vulnerable friends and relatives.

I wonder what will happen to my job, even though I’m luckier than many: I get good sick pay and can work remotely.

I am writing this from the UK, where I still have self-employed friends who are staring down the barrel of months without pay, friends who have already lost jobs.

The contract that pays 80% of my salary runs out in December.

Coronavirus is hitting the economy bad.

Will anyone be hiring when I need work?

There are a number of possible futures, all dependent on how governments and society respond to coronavirus and its economic aftermath.

Hopefully we will use this crisis to rebuild, produce something better and more humane.

But we may slide into something worse.

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The City Talks Team has decided to cancel the 2020 ideas festival scheduled to take place in Paris in April. This unusual move has been caused by the way the outbreak of COVID-19, the respiratory illness virus, is impacting the world's event sector.

The 2020 edition of the City Talks ideas festival, supposed to take place at the American Church in Paris under the theme of the “evolution of knowledge”, had already attracted slightly more than 400 hundreds diplomats, policy-makers, researchers and future trends enthusiasts from over 30 different nationalities. 

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 Friday 20th March 2020

Bibliothèque Francois-Mitterrand in Paris.

For recruiters & for recruiting/temp firms, headhunters, training organizations and leadership/career coaches

Are you looking for talent to accelerate your development and scale your impact or that of your clients? 

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In an era of email, encrypted text messages and social media, humans are required to do several things at once; but this constant multitasking is taking its toll and making humans less efficient. 

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