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 Friday 20th March 2020

Bibliothèque Francois-Mitterrand in Paris.

For recruiters & for recruiting/temp firms, headhunters, training organizations and leadership/career coaches

Are you looking for talent to accelerate your development and scale your impact or that of your clients? 

Do you offer mission-driven training for people who want to make an impact?

Are you looking for new talents and interested in talking to them directly? 

Are you looking for new clients for your leadership, entrepreneurship or career coaching business and interested in talking to them directly? 

Well, then this is an amazing opportunity just made for you because we’re putting in place a job dating event for you to meet hundreds of Paris-based high profile, experienced and international - mostly multilingual - leads. 

This is simply made to help you and your recruiting firm save yourself hours of recruitment processes and thousands of Euros.

Want to meet some brilliant, fresh, just out-of-school candidates? 

This will be the right place just for that too.

We’re bringing together more than 400 multi-language speaking professionals for a long afternoon full of fun, networking and ideas’ sharing around the theme of the “Evolution of knowledge”.

City Talks 2020

What to expect

The City Talks 2020 job dating is a low-key event in an informal setting where you will directly connect with highly qualified talents before, during and after the main talks on and around the main conference stage. 

What should you do?

Because of the casual character of this intimate “job fair”, we really want to make sure you’ll have enough time to discuss with our attendees and to inform them about your organization. This is an incredible opportunity to openly promote available vacancies for highly-qualified or entry-level candidates, project collaborations, internships, and traineeships and discuss opportunities within your firm on a 1-on-1 level. 

This is a cost-effective marketing opportunity every HR, headhunter and career development professional craves for.

What you will get

Besides branding yourself as an interesting employer, recruiting firm and career service provider, City Talks allows you to network with our influentially-inspiring and innovative speakers, other companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

Your contribution & practical info

Beyond the value you’ll bring to the table, we do request a financial contribution (depending on the features your company can afford) to be able to give you access to the following features: 

  1. A 4m2 stand/space (incl. Table and space for two roll-up banners)
  2. Visibility on the event webpage, main event auditorium giant screen and all of our printed materials.
  3. A blog post about your company’s values, mission and ongoing recruiting campaigns but also insights on the future of work, written by our team, published on our blog and shared in our entire network (Social Media and Newsletter)
  4. Visibility and announcements promoting your company and available vacancies on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn (we have up to hundreds of thousands of followers)
  5. A separate workshop hosted specifically for you with a group of participants.
  6. Premium tickets offered to your collaborators and partners to attend our event and get inspired by the amazing set of talks that’ll be shared.

Practical information:

  • For reasons related to the logistics of our ideas festival, this offer will end on February 10, 2020.
  • Since the allocated space at the event venue is not large, we’re therefore limiting this offer to a very small, but seriously selected, number of companies. This will also help in making sure companies and participants have enough quality time for fruitful discussions.

The following companies will be there:

  • Mairie de Paris
  • Pole Emploi
  • RFI
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • etc.


Don’t hesitate to reach out now

About City Talks

City Talks is a nonpartisan Paris-based global innovative organization devoted to sharing big ideas about the Future of Humanity, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (15 minutes or less), workshops, publications, working group sessions, and artistic gatherings.

CITY TALKS began in 2018 in Paris under the name of Paris Talks, as a one-day conference where Technology, Entertainment, Art and Science do converge, covering a multitude of topics, from business to education to global political, financial and environmental issues.

Today, we’re a community that welcomes individuals and organizations from diverse disciplines and cultures who seek a deeper understanding of the current and future world challenges. We are passionate about the belief in the power of ideas to shape policies and influence positive change for a better world.

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