Introducing City Talks: A Global Platform of Innovative Ideas For The Future.

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It was one of those moments.

A few days after the very first edition of the Paris Talks conference that we hosted at the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin, 

Keenya and I were on a walking business-lunch by the Seine river in Paris (she had a vegan tabbouleh salad that she had packed for herself while I had a Tuna sandwich that I got from a street food vendor on rue Saint-Denis) then she turned over and said to me:

So, what’s next now that Paris Talks is over? ”, she asked.

Start working on the next edition,”  I said to her. 

“We created Paris Talks with a specific objective and a plan to grow slowly but surely,” I continued.

Let’s work on the second edition then take it elsewhere. We should take it to even more people. We’ll need to launch our global ideas platform pretty soon,” I added.

Oh yeah! Let’s do it. I’m down. We could easily expand to other cities,” she said.

Totally. Let’s host an annual conference in Paris and, at the same time, prepare to host others elsewhere around the world. Think about that.”- I added.

Just like that, while working on the second edition of Paris Talks that took place at UNESCO in March 2019, our work on taking these ideas to other people around the world was going on. 

And just like, almost everything that we try to do, the format for our Global platform for future Ideas was confirmed.

And just like the first and second editions of Paris Talks, we promise this won’t be like another company of university conference.

We will now be hosting Ideas Festivals under our new brand name called CITY TALKS.

We’re taking a more robust and inclusive approach. 

Unlike Paris Talks (that was more of a project), City Talks is a nonpartisan Paris-based global educational and research organization that will be devoted to sharing ideas about the Future of Humanity

Our main activities include the organization of Ideas Festivals usually in the form of short, powerful talks (15 minutes or less), a fellowship program, workshops, publications (white papers and policy recommendations) working group sessions and artistic gatherings.

We’ll also have the below-listed features.

Five features you may need to know about the CITY TALKS ideas festivals.

1) Our events will feel more like a festival than company, tech or university conferences. That’s why we’ve decided to call them Festivals.

2) They’ll be called Ideas Festivals because we have a pretty clear agenda; that of sharing big and innovative ideas that can trigger conversations and influence positive change to manage and tackle future world’s challenges.

3) Our partners and attendees will learn something new.

Always be learning” is one of our core values at City Talks. It’s the main reason why we usually invite speakers and innovators that understand and master their craft.  So our participants are guaranteed to learn something new at CITY TALKS and when it comes down to it, there are two ways we want to promote the learning and growth process: learn by doing and learning from others, even those you disagree with.

4) I’d like to promise that these are events you need to send your friends, colleagues, and family to if you’re interested in big and trending Ideas that are shaping our future.

5) You will leave with, at least, one lasting memory.

At each and every City Talks ideas festival, one will leave with at least one experience. You won’t need to sit down and take notes for eight hours, but you’ll leave with at least one new lesson that will help change the trajectory of your life. Again, that’s our mission: sharing Ideas that’ll trigger conversation and influence positive change for a better future.

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A word of thanks!

I’d like to thank numerous individuals and organizations that have always supported us in different ways to get us where we’re meant to be. What started in 2018 in Paris as a project known as Paris Talks, a one-day conference where Technology, Entertainment, Art and Science converged, covering a multitude of topics, from business to education to global political, financial and environmental issues now a global community that welcomes individuals and organizations from diverse disciplines and cultures who seek a deeper understanding of the current and future world challenges. We are passionate about the belief in the power of ideas to shape policies and influence positive change for a better world.

Paris Talks

The format of the Paris Talks project will now transform into a new monthly gathering where invited guests and influencers will come to share their perspectives on key issues related to the future. These Ideas will be feeding our annual research and inspire all of our festivals around the world.

We’re so excited about this new adventure and are assured by the fact that we’re not alone in this future journey.

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