City Talks 2020 Ideas Festival in Paris

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In an era of email, encrypted text messages and social media, humans are required to do several things at once; but this constant multitasking is taking its toll and making humans less efficient. 

While the access to real and fake information has become affordable (if not free for many), its overconsumption is having disastrous mental effects, which have a negative impact on the formal education sector and society in general and making access to knowledge much harder. This growing trend is also associated with a shorter attention span, behavior change, a poor and short-term decision-making process, the loss of many traditional-cultural beliefs and practices that have helped to safeguard ancient wisdom - mostly communicated through indigenous languages, constant contact with and respect for natural ecosystems - and so much more. 

Under the theme of Evolution Of Knowledge: Designing The Next Generation Of Wise And Intelligent Humans”, City Talks aims at bringing together leading and innovative policymakers, scholars, diplomats, civil society members, students and businesses in an all-day ideas festival to discuss breathtaking, innovative, challenging ideas and opportunities for educating, managing and transferring knowledge to current leaders and those of the future. 

Our 2020 work will, therefore, be that of a methodical assessment of the current state of formalized and empirical knowledge in their distinctive forms of acquisition, management, and transmission; navigating through our seven main sectors of the Arts, Education, Economy, Sciences, Humanities, Energy & Environmentand Technology

Through our conference, working group sessions, roundtable discussions and workshops, we want to share tips on how to identify data/information sources that help to design up-to-date educational/intelligent systems.

We’ll take a closer and critical look at the efficiency of our educational models, systems and content in relation to future challenges of climate change, population growth, resource scarcity, social, security and economic threats; offering a unique and powerful roadmap for a better understanding of knowledge creation, acquisition, management and transmission in everyday work. 

This time, at City Talks, we want to share big ideas that will invite our participants to design, create and implement their own knowledge legacy to inspire their peers and guide upcoming generations. 

Be part of this intellectual adventure!

Are you (or do you know someone) passionate about everything education and knowledge related?

What big ideas do you have and would you want to share on the subject of the evolution and future of knowledge? 

We need you!

City Talks ideas festivals around the world feature almost a hundred innovative and influential speakers and entertainers every year. Our teams receive close to a thousand applications every year and are constantly looking into them. 

Please send us your application and you will be contacted by our team to exchange on your ideas and envisage ways in which you can be featured on the City Talks stage in Paris (March  2020) or elsewhere in cities that host our ideas festivals.

If you know of someone who belongs to the City Talks stage, or if you believe you belong there yourself, please reach out for speaking and performance opportunities.

We’d love to hear from you!

Please use our speaker application (and) recommendation form.

Not a speaker but interested in attending? Check this out.

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