Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is City Talks?
City Talks is a nonpartisan Paris-based global innovative organization devoted to sharing big ideas about the Future of Humanity, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (15 minutes or less), workshops, publications, working group sessions and artistic gatherings. Here’s our story


How can I get a ticket?
Tickets for City Talks are only offered a couple of times a year, and they go really quickly. There is no fast-track or secret process to get a City Talks ticket; they are all offered on a first-come, first served basis. The best way to get informed of opportunities to register is to join our newsletter or follow us on Social Media. Twitter or Facebook

Important Note:
Once tickets are gone, they're really gone. The City Talks curation team doesn’t hold any tickets back for higher-priced sales later. Last minute tickets sold at the door are more expensive and not guaranteed as they depend on the availability of the space.
What is the refund/exchange policy on Paris Talks tickets?
Can I transfer my ticket?


Is City Talks organizing and paying for my trip and my accommodation?
No. You need to organize, book, and pay for your travel and lodging in Paris for the festival. For your stay in Paris, we strongly recommend to look for information on the Paris visitors bureau website or on Airbnb.
Do I need a Visa?


Can I nominate myself or someone I represent to be a speaker?
Can I sponsor City Talks or donate something for your attendees?
Can I be a volunteer?