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become a mentor

At City Talks, we’re always looking for mentors and we believe it’s not too late. Our belief in mentoring has always been solidified through our company culture and values: Listening and sharing

We started small with Paris Talks but thanks to the help and support from people with big hearts, we’ve been able to evolve and become a global brand running multiple projects in different parts around the world at the same time. 

However, this growth has come with new challenges that we’re constantly addressing thanks to the moral, technical and strategic support from our mentors. We’re now really understanding the fact that no one will ever be too old, clever or experienced to have a mentor. 

Some of the people that have been following and walking with us through this journey include former and current top diplomats, athletes, world-known artists, Nobel Prize laureates, social and political thought-leaders, prominent business people, members of academia and private business strategists.

We rely a lot on mentors for the leadership support they frequently provide us but also for their knowledge shared through our fellowship programs. 

Our mentors take us under their wing and help us to stay motivated and discover the path that we may need to take.

They help us understand what it takes to get to the top and be a valuable platform for people that dream of a better future for Humanity.

They do provide us with an immense wealth of knowledge and resources, and help us to connect with various experts.

Our mentors are our own personal cheerleader that helps us discover new opportunities.

They are the advocates of our achievements and are people we count on in every step of our projects.

They help us keep the fire of our passion burning and praise our accomplishments but also provide us with constructive feedback.

They push us to hone and learn new skills that are needed for our future roles.

City Talks mentors provide a life-long career advice and friendship.

Mentor the City Talks team and its fellows now.

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