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Welcome to City Talks, where future ideas matter.

City Talks is a platform for future Ideas and perspectives you may not be able to find anywhere else.

We tap into the brains of the world’s most insightful forward thinkers and storytellers to bring you the smartest takes on the future of everything that matters. So whatever your interest, you can always find fresh thinking and unique perspectives at City Talks.

Our platform is built for…
  • People        VS    Advertisers
  • Quality        VS    quantity
  • original ideas    VS    sponsored content
  • Intimate gathering of thought-leaders VS Masses of followers
  • Engagement & depth     VS    clickbait
  • Viewpoints    VS    pageviews

Want To Get In Front Of Some Of The World’s Influential And Innovative Forward-Thinking Thought-Leaders?

If you want to reach the people who are the future of policy-design, leadership and critical thinking, then CITY TALKS is the place to do it — and this year, you’ll get multiple locations to choose from.

We don’t do sponsorships like everyone else.

There are no trade show booths, table or badge scanners at CITY TALKS ideas festivals, because no one wants to be sold to and, to be frank, we prefer allocating a huge amount to our time on content curation and attendees’ experience.

So, if you really want to raise the bar and re-write the festival sponsorships’ playbook, we’re here for you.

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