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become a volunteer
City Talks ideas’ festivals run on the energy of our lovely volunteers who care about promoting attendees’ experience - and your contribution can help make the City Talks the leading platform for the exchange of ideas among futurists.
As a volunteer, you’ll be a vital part of our events and help to write a welcoming and outstanding conference experience for over 400 delegates from all over the world.
The volunteering experience is an amazing and unique opportunity to participate in the festivals. City Talks volunteers are responsible for various conference duties such as staffing the registration/information booth, crowd management, assisting speakers and pre-conference instructors, and the communication about the festival.
What is expected of me?
As a City Talks volunteer, you’ll be expected to be available throughout the entire festival time and contribute up to 12 hours of service during that time. You’ll also be responsible for any travel and accommodation costs to, during and from the festival. In addition, you will need to pay for any food not covered in the volunteers' food package.
What does the festival offer?
In return, you will receive a free (and one for a friend or family member) festival registration (which includes all networking opportunities and parties) and a volunteer survival kit. You will also experience the one and only futurists’ festival with mind-blowing ideas predicting the future. You will also get exposure to a variety of prospective employers and increase your opportunity for networking with other attendees.
Who can volunteer?
  • Full time and part time college students.
  • Any delegate at the conference. 
  • Anyone that speaks fluent English, French and spanish.
Volunteer Positions
“Ask Me Anything” Ambassador
This is a sociable person who is an expert in various areas of content: festival schedule content, conference venue and the city hosting the festival in general. All of the information you provide is to enhance the attendees’ experiences. This person will also assist any overflow attendees by locating alternative entry to the festivals’ sessions rooms. This person will also refer issues to problem solver volunteers or registration/information volunteers as needed. At random intervals, this person may be asked to administer a short Informal survey (5 or less multiple-choice questions) with the goal of gathering insights for the festival curation team. This provides them with the opportunity to gain survey research experience and/or refine guerrilla research techniques. This position requires a moderate level of activity (walking) and long periods of standing and talking to attendees.


Registration/Information Booth

These volunteers will locate registration packets and explain the conference content to attendees. Any registrations issues will be transferred to the load for resolution. They will also act as a source of information about the festival activities/directions/sessions. Volunteers will be required to stay at the registration booth for the assigned hours unless otherwise directed. This position may require some lifting of boxes of registration packets.


Sessions, Keynotes, and Opening/Closing Ceremonies’ manager.
This volunteer will act as the liaison to speakers during sessions. You’ll introduce speakers with a pre-written script, assists speakers with A/V issues, make sure water has been provided, act as a timekeeper for a session, act as room monitor to make sure room is not overcrowded, and collect presentations on USB drive at the end of the talk. If the festival room reaches capacity, you will work with Problem Solvers or “Ask Me Anything” Ambassadors to close the session to further attendees. You’ll be required to stay in the talks for the assigned hours. For talks, volunteers will man the doors to reduce noise.


Paris Talks Journalist
These volunteers will be responsible for covering talks as a reporter. They will make social media posts, and take pictures during the session. Volunteers will coordinate with Communications and Social Media Manager to follow posting requirements. Volunteers will also create a report about the total festival experience and specific sessions for use in post-festival materials. The report must be turned in one week after the festival. 


The Problem Solver
This volunteer assists where needed to resolve unexpected issues. We are seeking people who are comfortable being in customer service and resolving problems on the fly. This position will require a moderate level of activity (walking) and long periods of standing as well as lifting boxes.

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