City Talks Fellowship

City Talks Fellowship

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City Talks Fellowship is an international network of leaders and organizations that promotes innovation, cooperation, and solutions to address the world’s future challenges. Our mission is to address critical issues by empowering leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through a fellowship of skilled professionals. City Talks engages leaders committed to make a change in a 10 days and up to 12 months’ professional fellowships at City Talks in Paris, France and other partner organizations in Europe and around the world to learn best practices, build organizational capacity, and return home to create a network of local and global change makers.

How it Works

Every year, via an open online application process, City Talks selects a group of smart and intelligent individuals to be City Talks Fellows. The City Talks team chooses Fellows based on achievement, their force de caratère and on their innovative approach to problems’ solving. Fellows are invited to attend a City Talks’ Ideas festivals in Paris and around the world, where they meet, exchange ideas and connect with other forward thinking thought-leaders and change-makers. Fellows also give their own Talks and Host City Talks events – an unprecedented opportunity to disseminate their unique ideas locally and globally.  City Talks receives approximately 1,000 applications each year, and to give each candidate a thorough review, it usually takes up to a few months for our team to complete each stage of the review process. We review candidates based not just on eligibility and quality of their applications, but also how well they fit with the desired profiles our potential partner Organizations are looking for at any given time.

Program Resources

City Talks Fellowship program comprises of hundreds of hours of experiential learning that is both theoretical and practical. City Talks Fellows participate in theatrical presentations and workshops led by innovative leaders who share practical leadership and entrepreneurial strategies, as well as their own professional journeys. This professional development series intentionally combines hard skills like business planning and ideas’ structuring intensive workshops and critical soft skills like conflict resolution and leadership.

Helping develop the ability to see a better future, inspire others and implement innovative ideas requires a unique combination of awareness, knowledge, skill, and experience.


After joining the City Talks network, Fellows usually report increased clarity of their mission but also improved self-confidence. Access to the City Talks community enables our Fellows to connect with global leaders and innovators who become then business partners, collaborators or mentors. With the program’s support, City Talks Fellows have started speaking professionally and been published globally. City Talks Fellows sparking cross-disciplinary collaborations and ventures. Most significantly, the program helps the Fellows to expand and intensify the impact of their remarkable ideas and projects.

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