City Talks Branding & Naming

City Talks branding

CITY TALKS: Branding & Naming


Because City Talks Ideas Festivals exist to serve and inspire their communities, each festival is named after its unique geographical area or continent.

Name usage:

  • You should always refer to your Ideas Festival with the full name your license was approved for in all copy, messaging, logos, etc. For example, if your licensed name is "City Talks Africa", you may not refer to your event as "CT", "CTA", "CITY TALKS" or any other variation.
  • You should always refer to your festival as CITY TALKS AFRICA, not simply “CityTalks”.
  • Your festival’s name has to be written as CITY TALKS AFRICA with all letters capitalized.
  • Name abbreviations and variations are not allowed.

CITY TALKS brand positioning:

  • Please make it clear in all communications that your event is a CITY TALKS Ideas Festival operating under an annual license.
  • You must use the CITY TALKS’ logo (specially designed for you by our team) in any communications or branding
  • Ensure that all of your speakers and team members abide by these guidelines as well.

City Talks Africa/America/Asia ideas festivals’ are independent

  • City Talks Ideas festivals are stand-alone gatherings and they should never be combined with or integrated into any conference, ceremony, event, or curriculum.
  • City Talks Ideas Festivals must not be co-branded: you should not connect the CITY TALKS logo/identity/name to the name of another organization, non-profit, corporation or other entity.

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