City Talks Sponsorship & Funding

City Talks sponsorship

City Talks Sponsorship + funding

Festivals not for extreme profit:

  • City Talks Ideas Festivals are human endeavors.
  • You may not use your City Talks Salon free-license to make money.
  • Under very few and specific circumstances (for instance, paying a loan interest on funds spent on organizing a City Talks Ideas Festival), you may use your City Talks Standard & Business licences to raise funds that cover these expenses.
  • You may not use your festival to raise funds for charities or other organizations.
  • You may allocate part of your festival budget to travel expenses and event fees in order to attend a qualifying City Talks Global Festival (in Paris, France).


  • You can charge an attendance fee for a City Talks Festival. Tickets can be no more than what’s been agreed upon with and validated by the City Talks Global Team in Paris, France. All the revenues should go towards festival’s operating costs, unless otherwise advised by City Talks Global Team.

Fundraising and crowdfunding:

  • City Talks Ideas Festivals’ organizers cannot organize separate ticketed City Talks-branded fundraising events or use crowdfunding platforms to raise money for any aspect of a City Talks Ideas Festival without justifying their City Talks licence obtention. This means that you many fundraise (including via crowdfunding platforms) only after obtaining a City Talks license.

Speaker fees and speakers ineligibility:

  • City Talks Ideas Festivals may neither pay nor charge speakers.
  • We strongly advise that your sponsors don’t speak and it should clearly be reminded that sponsors can never present from the stage.
  • City Talks Ideas Festivals’ organizers cannot be speakers at events to which they contribute.

Sponsor Eligibility:

Under no conditions may a licensed City Talks organizer approach companies operating directly or indirectly in the following industries:

  • Adult-oriented products/services
  • Tobacco/cigarettes
  • Weapons, ammunitions and defense

Editorial independence:

Sponsors must have no editorial control or influence over a City Talks program curation.

Sponsor logos on stage:

Sponsors’ logos cannot be displayed on a City Talks Ideas Festival stage. Organizers are free to thank their sponsors in a slide (or a short video), but we strongly advise that sponsors’ logos don’t remain on the stage for more than 60 seconds.

Products and giveaways:

Organizers may give away or sell City Talks branded products during their festivals and during the period of their City Talks Standard or Business licenses; however, they must contain their unique festival name, not the generic “CITY TALKS” logo. All profits from these items must go towards supporting your festival.

Media + Distribution

Press releases:

Press releases must contain the following: 

  1. "About CITY TALKS" text: CITY TALKS is a nonpartisan Paris-based global educational and research organization devoted to sharing Ideas about the Future of Humanity, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (15 minutes or less), workshops, publications, working group sessions and artistic gatherings. CITY TALKS is a community that welcomes individuals and organizations from diverse disciplines and cultures who seek a deeper understanding of the current and future world challenges. We are passionate about the belief in the power of ideas to shape policies and influence positive change for a better world.
  2. "About CITY TALKS AMERICA/AFRICA/ASIA" text: CITY TALKS AMERICA/AFRICA/ASIA"  is an independently organized Ideas Festival that brings people together to share Big and Innovative Insights about the Future. This is the only organized Ideas Festival on the X (American/African/Asian) continent this year, operative under the CITY TALKS licence. This Ideas Festival is self-organized but benefits from CITY TALKS general guidance and technical support from multiple local and international partners. 


News media and your event:

  • Should you be invited to be interviewed for a TV or radio broadcast, it’s important that you clearly state that your gathering is a "CITY TALKS AMERICA/AFRICA/ASIA" festival, and please do explain what that means (it is an independently and self-organized Ideas Festival, etc.) Represent yourself as the host and main organizer City Talks "CITY TALKS AMERICA/AFRICA/ASIA" Ideas Festival.
  • It’s requested of all accredited journalists to be respectful of the difference between the “CITY TALKS” and "CITY TALKS AMERICA/AFRICA/ASIA" brands. 
  • Members of the press are not allowed to film or videotape your Ideas Festival’s stage. Any filming recording by the press should be done under very strict conditions detailed in their accreditation.


Creative commons:

Photos and Videos of your Ideas Festival must be released under a Creative Commons license ("Attribution - NonCommercial - NonDerivative"), so they can be freely shared and reposted.


Rights for the distribution of CITY TALKS excerpts:

You’re allowed to use up to a 20-second excerpt from a CITY TALKS for video or audio content, including documentaries, promo videos, TV segments, and/or podcasts.

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